Cycling Hernia

I call it cycling hernia because I did 29 miles and not my usual weekly 24 mile ride.
I ignored the tingling sensation in the crease of the leg and did heavy gardening which caused the bulge next to crease in leg.
I could not raise both arms over my head without it bulging. As you will see below by listening to my body and everyday changing what I did that after 56 days I could raise arms, mow the yard and am starting to cycle again.

Actions I took:
1. Rest trying to keep injury level with heart.
2. Kept mind clear of all emotion and fear.
3. Kept injury as motionless as possible.
4. Diet air-dryed bread, air-dryed chicken, cooked vegetables, no meals-only nibbling frequently.
5. Wear truss I built from 30 year old natural rubber inner tube scraps.
Built in 3 parts taping them together so I could adjust.
After awhile I went to a one piece truss: 1/16 inch thick by 6 wide by 36 inches long soft rubber which folds over a
wide leather belt to hold up in front and back. Works perfect - does not put excessive pressure on crease of leg
where injury is. Truss goes under and over belt in front and back. After day 36 I replaced wearing the large
rubber truss to regular jockey underwear with large washrag inside in front folded down and clipped with 37 cents Home Depot 3/4 inch HDX Mini Spring clamp model #80001.
I took no pills, no drugs.
I had no fear and no emotion-this in important.
Oh, I also spent months experimenting making waxes and clays so I made myself a 95% wax piece designed to fix in the crease of my leg to keep the bulge cool and in place.

After 46 days so many successes. Rarely wear the rubber truss now-too tight around waist. I just wear briefs with washrag inside folded down at top and clipped. exercise now helps swimming, yard work, cleaning, light cycling close to home soon, the hard days are past but diet is still critical and most important one thing to complete recovery. Wearing old black cycling shorts 1 or 2 sizes too small with legs cut off helps.

Day 50. What helps is nothing tight around waist - still using large washrag inside underwear folding one inch over the top and bottom goes thru the leg opennings. Then I start folding the top down and clip it just above the bulge to form a V in front.

Day56 All during the day I feel totally healed. I can do almost everything now but once in awhile I need to rest.
The best part is "my new diet has made by entire body stronger, tighter, lighter, and younger.

Day120 for the first time I have felt pain along the crease for 3+ weeks getting worse. I finally concluded
the muscles had started to fuse to the bone and any trust, belt or restriction of any kind was streching
the muscles. So I removed everything and increased the thick soft washrags to three instead of 2. The next day
the pain went completely away. The 3 layers of washrags across the entire front going one inch over the top is acting
like another set of muscles stablizing yet allowing movement. Also I had found myself sitting in a chair as if I am on
a bicycle seat. This was a mistake. My butt was too far back stretching the crease muscles; however, I corrected to
sitting with back straight. Deep breating pulls stomach in and shoulder muscles kick in reminding me of cycling.

I am not healed by a long shot - I dragged an 100 pound log 80 feet which set me back 2 weeks and made me feel stupid.
I have many hobbies and project making things and am using that to get back as many of those cycling muscles I had
developed over 30 years. Wearing heavy LaCrosse boots when working in the yards helps or just cleaning house helps.

2 weeks later: I realized and believe one inch of my left tendons had ripped away from the leg bone and now were starting
to heal. They were healing shorter. So I was feeling pain, even from wearing underwear. So I am now trying the indian loin cloth
concept folding cloth over a tight leather belt placed low in front one to two inches lower than a reqular belt.
The cloth is on the left side only where the crease is. I am using a thick hand cloth clipping to the belt front and back
with home depot 50 cent clips I find in the clamp department.
I am walking slowly and taking hot baths since it is now almost december. Within 2 days the pain went totally away.
I am standing and walking more. also I eat very little-almost all rock hard-dried items.

Day160 I now consider myself 95% healed. I am living a regular life. Wearing a loin cloth which goes under and over a
leather belt inthe front and in the back. The loin cloth brings everything up and I can control the tightness using home depot 50 cent clips. I wear underwear over the loin cloth. I could start riding a little now if I wanted; however I have decided to wait 6 more months or a year because I want to ride at least 10 miles.
I am 70 and have been doing one 24 mile ride a week. I consider anything less than 10 miles not a ride.
I am grateful I am healing so quickly and look forward to future rides.

9 months after. Still same program. I am now riding 3 miles everyday without any problems at all.
Believe it or now, the riding is important for my muscles to heal and for the exercise.
I only have a problem when I do too much in one day such as gardening digging ditches in the yard
for drain pipes, planting trees, etc. As long as I do not do too much I am just fine.
When that happens I still ride but I cutout the yard work.

13 months. So much better started going back to old bad habits.
Necessary I rest more and eat better.
So far nobody has cut on my body. I can walk and stand longer periods of time.

Information I found from the forums:
Dr William C. Meyers, Drexel University:
pdf report on Understanding "sports hernia" (athletic pubalgia) - The anatomic and pathophysiologic basis for abdominal and groin pain in athletes Authors: William C. Meyers, Edward Yoo, Octavia Devon, Nikhil Jain, Marcia Horner, et al.

On Sports Hernia.
Dr. David Farley from the Mayo Clinic says:
The best treatment for sports hernias is nature's own -- to lay off the offending activity and rest for a period ranging
from a few weeks to a few months. It is also useful to engage in exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles and
increase their flexibility. This course is especially effective for professional athletes; because they are young and
strong, they tend to have tremendous recuperative powers.
I use a small fan on counter top to air-dry chicken. Chicken takes awhile to dry rock hard.
and a big fan on floor to air-dry wheat bread on footstool.
If bread does not become rock hard in 6 hours in front of fan it has too much sugar etc and I will not eat it.
Foods that produce gas cause bulging.
Bending forward and assuming the cycling postion as much as possible helps
when standing allowing strong stomach muscles to kick-in preventing less bulging.
I knew on day26 after bulging started not only would I get well, but I would at some point need to ride a little again but not my 24 to 29 mile rides.
At my age of 70 I need to cut down on that.
Hope this information helps.
On the plus side I have lost inches in the waist and feel younger.
Good Luck.
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john james